Security OFFICER training courses

SECURITY TOTAL PACKAGE COMBO -                                              $575.00

*This total package course was designed and established for those who are looking to establish themselves as a security professional. This package includes all of your certifications from the ground level. I recommend this course to anyone looking to advance beyond just the Armed Security Officer level. In this course you will receive all the basic certifications from Basic Security Officer through to the Basic Executive Protection course as well as all the individual skill certifications. Also, with this package you will receive FREE recertification's for life! Now as an added bonus you will also receive a FREE Tactical Elite Training Academy T-Shirt and Hat! This course will take you from an average civilian to a ground level Security Specialist!!!

Course includes but is not limited too:

  • Level II "Non-Commissioned Security Officer" Training
  • Level III "Commissioned Security Officer" Training
  • Level IV "Personal Protection Officer" Training
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Handcuffing
  • OCAT Certification
  • Expandable Baton
  • Weapon Retention
  • Edge Weapon Defense
  • Shotgun and Pistol Qualification
  • and much more...

ARMED SECURITY COMBO -                                                                 $325.00

*This packaged course was designed and set up as a one stop shop, and to help keep money in your pocket. It is set up to cover all aspects of security from your basic security guard to your armed security officer, while making it affordable with a discounted rate. This course covers all your security certifications plus OC, handcuffing tactics, expandable baton, self defense tactics and techniques, shotgun and more. So don't waste your time when you can knock out all of your training at once for one low price and get to starting your new exciting career fast!

Basic Security Officer Certification - 8 Hours                          $50.00

This course is approved by the city of Colorado Springs, and must be completed in order to receive your "UNARMED SECURITY OFFICER" license. This class is developed to certify the Officer in accordance with the requirements, standards and laws put forth by your city/state and company policies. In this course we will train on the following topics; role and duties of a private security officer, professional conduct and ethics, principles of communication, observation and incident reporting, preservation of evidence and crime scene security, Federal, State, and local laws, codes, and ordinances, use of force, legal limitations and liability, interaction and cooperation with law enforcement, emergency response procedures, and basic principles of first aid.

Armed Security Officer Certification - 40 Hours                                     $225.00

Next Scheduled Course Date (Twice Monthly)

This course is approved by the city of Colorado Springs, and must be completed in order to receive you "ARMED SECURITY OFFICER" license. This class is developed to certify the Officer in accordance with the requirements, standards and laws put forth by your city and company policies. In this course we will train on the following topics; criminal procedure law, and legal aspects of firearm use, use of physical and deadly force, State and local codes and ordinances relating to weapons and the use of force, firearm safety, nomenclature, operation and maintenance, emergency procedures, weapons handling, marksmanship fundamentals, range instruction, qualification and examination.

Armed Security Re-Qualification - 8 Hours                                                                             $65.00

Course Scheduled Twice Monthly

This course is approved by the city of Colorado Springs, and must be completed annually in order to keep your "ARMED SECURITY OFFICER" license in good standing.

Personal Protection Officer certification (BODYGUARD) - 30 Hours                                  $325.00

Next Scheduled Course Date (Twice Monthly)

The "Bodyguard" are also known as Personal Protection/ Executive Protection Officer, allow you to learn and understand how to protect a principle in plain clothes and carrying a concealed weapon while on DUTY. This is not a replacement for your CHL as CHLs are for civilian use and should be held in addition. This is a basic introduction and certification into the Bodyguard/ EP industry. However, this course is more advanced then your regular security certifications. In this course you will be trained on all laws regulating Personal Protection of a third party, advanced firearms tactics, principle EVAC, and much more.

Advanced Dignitary, Executive and Celebrity Protection Course - 16 Hours                   $275.00 

Next Scheduled Course Date (Monthly)

The "Advanced Protection Officer" course if for the students who has previously completed the Personal Protection/ Executive Protection Officer certification. It is designed and is a must for Protection Specialist who have not done personal protection work domestically. It completely covers everything from the details advance preparation to the completion of the detail. Concluding with an actual detail for the students to lead on their own prior to graduation. For those of you who are active Law Enforcement Officers and Military personnel I would strongly recommend the Law Enforcement Dignitary Protection course as it will certify and meet POST and DOD standards.

PhaZZer User Certification Course - 8 Hours                                                                     $225.00   

PhaZZer ENFORCER and PhaZZer Dragon are Conductive Energy Weapons, considered to be "Non-Lethal Control Devices" used for Self-Defense. When used properly, they control violent or potentially violent individuals without causing serious bodily harm to the offender. Years of in-service use have shown that the CEW can prevent serious harm to the trained user, to innocent by standers, and to the target individuals. The OPERATOR's training program instructs the user on the proper deployment of the CEW and other important information, including; information regarding how and why the CEW affects the recipient, characteristics, capabilities, operational safety principles and procedures, health effects and precautions, equipment maintenance.

OC / Pepper Spray Certification "OCAT" - 4 Hours                                                               $50.00

Expandable Baton Certification - 8 Hours                                                                              $75.00

Tactical Handcuffing Certification - 4 Hours                                                                          $50.00

First Aide, CPR, and AED Certification - 8 Hours                                                                  $75.00

Use of Force and Report Writing - 4 Hours                                                                            $50.00   

Use of Force and Legislative Authority - 4 Hours                                                                  $50.00

Private Investigative Basic Course - 24 Hours                                                                      $325.00

Fugitive Recovery/ Bounty Hunting Course - 32 Hours                                                       $375.00

Active Shooter Response Course - 8 Hours                                                                         $175.00

Basic Room Clearing Principles - 4 Hours                                                                             $75.00 

Advanced Room Clearing Principles - 8 Hours                                                                     $250.00




The instructor reserves the right to remove any student from the course due to disruptive behavior and/or safety concerns.

NO REFUND will be given to anyone that is removed from our classes.

In addition, NO REFUNDS will be given to student who do not successfully complete the course. NO REFUNDS are given for cancellations no exceptions. However, we will allow you to reschedule for a later date and time with no penalty. 

Furthermore, you must have a clean criminal history and be able to legally purchase a firearm if you are interested in attending firearms related training.

Thank you for your interest from all the instructors at Tactical Elite Training Academy!