Sniper Range:  Our long range offers a 900 m long distance precision gun range.  Range will also provide steel set at unknown distance.

Shoot House:  Our range complex provides a single story live fire shoot house.  With room clearing and breaching capabilities, students will be thought the principals of urban Close Quarters Combat.  Students will engage targets at close range while working together to clear their sector of the building.  

Gun Fighter Range:  This range is 200m wide by 100m deep.  One of our most dynamic ranges offers lots of variables. The range will provide both stationary and reactive steel capable of handling 5.56, 12 guage, and all caliber handguns.  Vehicles with a large array of barriers will be on the range as well. 

Range Address: 4655 S Calhan Hwy, Calhan, CO 80808

***There will be a PDTSS sign under Costaplenty Rd.  Turn on Costaplenty Rd and drive down dirt road until you hit the range complex.***

Apex Range:  This range is 75m wide by 100m deep located at the far end of the range providing an apex to the ten other 25m wide by 100m deep stationary ranges.  This range will provide stationary steel capable of handling 7.62 to 5.56. The Apex will allow shooters to conduct a 500m-carbine shots.  

Movement to Contact Range:  This range provides a 1000m moving and shooting lane-allowing shooters to negotiate obstacles while having to engage stationary targets.  The lane will provide obstacles like high walls, low walls, roof tops, tires, wires, vehicles, ropes, etc.  This range will provide shooters with physical challenges while still having to negotiate threats while fighting to move to their safe area.

Combat Conditioning Course:  Our combat conditioning course will provide a training ground to develop combat conditioning and strength training.  The]is course will allow operators or teams to negotiate through a series of obstacles consisting of tires, logs, heavy mans, barbells, etc.  This course is usually integrated into our other training drills for high respiratory shooting.

Partnered with Precision Defensive Tactical Shooting School (PDTSS), Tactical Elite Training Academy now provides a 160-acre training ground located 20 miles East of Colorado Springs.  This training site is the largest and most unconventional training ground in the Colorado Springs area.