PhaZZer enforcer kit                          $630.00

PHazzer enforcer II

Phazzer enforcer conductive energy weapon

PhaZZer Enforce Conductive Energy Weapon (CEW) is a less-lethal law enforcement level self-defense weapon that provides a similar effective take-down power as ant CEW on the market. The Enforcer CEW features an enhanced safety circuit, simplicity of use, comfort, effectiveness, reliability, and consistency at a cost-effective price. PhaZZer Enforcer offers the following product advantages over the competition:

  1. PhaZZer Enforcer has implemented a "safety shut down circuit technology" that automatically shuts the CEW down at the end of the 3rd five second trigger application or when aggregate exposure to the body exceeds 15 seconds. Most up to date medical studies have indicated that this is the new benchmark for standardized guidelines for responsible and reasonable usage of CEWs deployed into a live target. The safety shut down circuit can be overridden by the user by simply recycling the safety switch to disarm, then back to armed mode in a split second. This design is meant to create a psychological awareness during high stress self-defense and/or public safety situations and will limit liability to the user, law enforcement officer, and/or agency.
  2. PhaZZer has taken a different approach for the Enforcer battery system compared to competitive brands. Enforcer CEW contains a rechargeable and replaceable 7.2 Volt Lithium Ion Battery System that allows for approximately 3000, five second electric shock deployments for the lifespan equating to substantial savings for each weapon compared to battery replacement needs through competitive products. (We suggest you see what was spent in your department or agency on TASER battery purchases in 2011/2012 and that is the amount you will save in battery purchases moving forward)
  3. PhaZZer Enforcer has received a positive response to the high intensity LED light compared to the Taser X26 and Taser M26, Taser models which have low illumination output LED. The superior Enforcer LED flashlight ultimately eliminated the need to use a separate flashlight in dark areas leaving the operator's other hand free to keep ready to access a firearm for backup.
  4. PhaZZer Enforcer CEW is a more cost effective option than the Taser X26. While retaining all of the physical qualities, highest quality components, core capabilities, and top of the line workmanship of Taser CEWs, you will find that our CEW program will provide a police department, security firm, bail bond agency, or individual with MSRP savings of approximately 40% in comparison to the Taser X26 which is the primary CEW of choice preferred by most in the United States Law Enforcement  market.

PhaZZer Enforcer Kit Includes:

  • Enforcer Conductive Energy Weapon
  • Lithium ion rechargeable/ replaceable battery system
  • A/C recharging adapter
  • International PAL plug adapter
  • Three less-lethal cartridges of your choosing
  • Stock Nylon Holster
  • Hard Plastic Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 year Warranty card

**Unlike our competitor, PhaZZer DOES NOTa background check, activation, or registration (per ATF and US DOJ) except where required by law. Products are operational immediately upon receipt.