Tactical Elite Training Academy ​has establish a curriculum and training schedule above all standards to provide Law Enforcement Officers with Tactical training established for special situations.

The Tactical Patrol Officer Certification is based on the belief that effective police response to violent on-going life threatening situations is enhanced when first responding officers have commonalities of training, tactics, equipment, verbiage and capabilities.

The Tactical Patrol Officer is a training and recognition initiative to train officers in a core group of tactical skill sets that will better prepare them when confronted with unexpected, on-going violent criminal events. The skill sets learned will assist officers not only when confronted with a violent criminal event, but will enhance their daily survival and tactical capabilities. 

COUrse includes the following blocks of instruction:

  • 4 - Day POST certified Certification
  • Rapid Emergency Deployment
  • One to Two Man Movements and Tactics
  • Counter Ambushing
  • Combat Life Saver - Self/Buddy Aid
  • Tactical Patrol Rifle - Operator's Course
  • Combat Pistol - Operator's Course
  • Patrol Tactics
    • Contact / Cover
    • Cover and Concealment Tactics
    • Building Searches
    • High Risk Felony Traffic Stop Techniques and Tactics
    • Low Light Tactics

AND MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

T.P.O. Certification

"Patrol, First IN and Last out!"

Tactical Patrol Officer Certification                                                                       $595.00

 (This is a P.O.S.T. Certified Course)