Mark A. Black

Operations Manger / Security Consultant / Executive Protection Specialist / Law Enforcement and Security Instructor 

Mark has served and retired with 20 years as a Law Enforcement Officer in Southern California.  He was an Arrest/Control Instructor, alternate on the SWAT team, Lead Investigator and Reconstructionist for major traffic collisions, and a member of the Chief’s Employee Forum.  He was in charge of numerous DUI checkpoints and task forces and testified on several occasions as a DUI/Drug expert in court.  Some of his awards include M.A.D.D. awards for DUI arrests, Red Cross Hero of the Year, Medal of Valor recipient from his police department, Sons of the American Legion, California State Fire Fighters Association, and American Legion. 

Mark Black has provided High Threat Protection assistance to the Secret Service with President George W. Bush, and State Officials in the State of California.  He currently provides executive protection to CEO’s, professional business people, celebrities, and high value assets.  He is currently co-owner of a security business in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  His company is F.E.M.A. certified and provided security for hurricane relief in Florida. 

Mark’s certifications include, Arrest/Control Ground Fighting Instructor, First Aid and CPR, Retired LEOSA CCW, NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor, Defensive Driving Tactics, Sure Fire Building Searches, Tactics/Covert and Crisis Entry, Tactical Communications, Search Warrants for Investigators, Interview and Interrogation.  Mark has completed over 100 college credits towards his BA in Police Science. 

Isaiah W. Walter

Colorado Peace Officer/ Law Enforcement and Firearms Instructor

Isaiah W. Walter, is a U.S. Army Veteran, a Law Enforcement Officer with the Department of Defense, and training instructor with the Fort Carson Police Department. He also served with the Fort Carson Special Reaction team as both an operator and Team Leader. Isaiah has over 10 years of combined tactical and law enforcement experience.

Isaiah received a large amount of his training from the 75th Ranger Regiment, where  he trained with multiple Tier 1 organizations. He also has conducted training with numerous local law enforcement agencies (Fountain Police Dept., Pikes Peak Police Dept., and Dept. of the Army Police). He has conducted multiple deployments multiple combat operations, and has extensive law enforcement experience as both a patrolman and tactical operator.

Isaiah has been trained in Basic S.W.A.T. operations and Advanced S.W.A.T. operations. He is an instructor in Israeli Krava Maga, patrol active shooter response, and he served as a certified Field Training Officer. Isaiah has also received training in escape and evasion techniques, and long range reconnaissance. Isaiah also attended the NTOA Special Weapons and Tactics Commander and Decision making course. He has extensive training in tactical operations and planning.

Isaiah's experience through combat time, training, and real life law enforcement has provided him with a large knowledge base. He truly enjoys training and passing his knowledge on to future law enforcement and security candidates.

Adam C. Hanna

Executive Protection Specialist/ Security Consultant/ Law Enforcement Officer/ K-9 Handler/

Law Enforcement and Security Instructor

Adam C. Hanna, a United States Army Veteran and Security Professional, is a native to Baton Rouge Louisiana with over 10 years of combined experience in the military, law enforcement, security management, and physical protection industry. He has worked in every aspect of the security industry from the government level to the private sector. 

Adam has received extensive training from his experience in the military, local law enforcement, and private security industry. His military training includes his initial training at the United State Army School of Military Intelligence at Fort Huachuca in Arizona. While there he also attended Cochise college for his AA in Intelligence Operations. He has attended college at Northwestern State University, where he began to study Criminal Justice and was a member of their AROTC program. He also attended CA BSIS training academy at the National Security Enforcement Training Center in Los Angeles. Adam had also received extensive training in firearms, defensive driving, hand to hand combat, and  K9 handling through many schools and training programs throughout the United States.

Adam has attended the Pikes Peak Regional Law Enforcement Academy and was a POST certified Peace Officer in the State of Colorado.  He is also a registered Instructor with the city of Colorado Springs and holds an Armed Security Officer license. Adam has also held a position as a contracted Lead Instructor for Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Services PSO program for the State of Alabama. In addition to the licenses Adam holds, he is also certified as an NRA and NRA LE firearms Instructor, Law Enforcement Dignitary Protection Instructor, Law Enforcement S.W.A.T. Instructor, Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor, Less-lethal Instructor, American Red Cross Instructor, and Colorado Concealed Handgun license Instructor.

Adam's large background in Law Enforcement, Security and Protection includes everything from Executives, Doctors, Celebrities, and Foreign Nationals. He has provided security services for billionaire mansions, high risk workplace violence details, prominent families, celebrities, clubs, concerts, and professional athletes. He has managed and supervised a number of private security companies throughout the United States. He was on a task force commissioned by SFPD which ran warrants though SFHA projects. Adam has lead personal protection details in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Denver, and in the Colorado Springs area.

He is a dedicated leader in his profession and is known throughout the Security and Protection Industry. Adam feels that when a team of dedicated individuals make a commitment to act as one, the sky's the limit!


About OUR Instructors

David G. Ruhl

General Manager/ Security Manager and Supervisor/ Security and Defensive Tactics Instructor

David G. Ruhl, a United States Army Veteran and Security Professional, is a native to Pittsburgh with 10 years of combined experience in Military, Security, and weapons training. David has had experience with the PPD in riot control and with their gang unit. He is currently attending the University of Phoenix for his Bachelors of Science in Business Management.

David has extensive training going through Army EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) training in the operation of basic demolitions, explosives and their effects, IED recognition, disarmament, basic and advanced circuits. After attending EOD school David then was reassigned to Fort Huachuca, AZ where he received training as an All Source Tactical Intelligence Analyst. He was also award an AA in Intelligence Operations. Prior to David's first deployment he was attached to an Infantry Company where he then received extensive training in basic rifle marksmanship (BRM), basic pistol marksmanship, room clearing, squad movements, and fire team search and seizure tactics. While deployed he became a member of his Battalion Commanders PSD team, a BRM Instructor, and training liaison for an Iraqi Army Brigade.

After David had left  the Military he began his career in the Security industry working under Commander Hanna. Since then, David has had experience working with personal protection details, and providing security for everything from apartment communities to fortune 500 companies. David then became an assistant instructor at Tactical Elite Training Academy for basic security officers, armed security officers, personal protection officers, unarmed defensive tactics, ground defensive tactics, and firearms.

David has been a proven team leader in the Military and a valuable asset to both the security and training industry. He truly enjoys teaching new up and coming personnel with the thirst for knowledge. David believes that there is always something new to learn and he feels that there is something that can be learned from everyone.

ISAIAH - instructor

Adam - Chief instructor

Jon "Marty" Martinez

Security Consultant/ Executive Protection Specialist/ Military and Security Instructor

Jon A. Martinez is a United States Army Veteran that served for 25 years as an 11B Infantryman. Born and raised in Tri-Cities, Washington. Jon's experience comes from 25 years as an Infantryman in Tactics, Techniques, and procedures, heavy and light weapons training, Instructor, Trainer, and Combat Operations.

Jon’s career began at Fort Benning, Georgia where he successfully attended and graduated from Infantry Basic Training and Airborne School. Also, he attended many other schools such as Air Assault School, Drill Sergeant School and many more advance training and courses throughout his career.

Jon, deployed and conducted combat operations during the Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He also served as a team leader for a search and rescue team in Honduras while supporting counter drug and humanitarian operations. He has trained foreign military as a contractor and recently conducted security operations at natural disaster areas in the US. Jon has also worked on security details throughout the United States and abroad after his retirement from the United States Army.

Jon has been stationed in Germany, Fort Hood, Texas, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, Fort Lewis, Washington, Honduras, Hawaii, Fort Riley, Kansas, and Fort Carson, Colorado.

Jon retired from the military in 2013 and was selected by the United Arab Emirates Land Forces to deploy to the UAE and train their Infantry Soldiers until 2015. He then pursued getting Executive Protection, Basic Security Officer, Armed Security Officer and National Rifle Association Instructor certifications.

During Jon's military career serving as a Drill Instructor, small and large group Instructor, and Observer Controller in the Army he learned valuable instructor techniques. Jon has trained hundreds of soldiers and personnel. Training a variety of people from all aspects of life in order to mold them in to Soldiers. This training and experiences as held develop Jon into a dynamic and professional instructor.

Jon’s contributions to this company are his leadership abilities and training experience not only at home station, but during proven combat operations. Jon’s passion is training future soldiers, leaders, civilians, Security Professionals, and Law Enforcement Officers to high standards so that they can professionally pass on his knowledge to the next level of professionals. 

Anthony J. Costanzo

Operations Director / Security Consultant / Executive Protection Specialist / Law Enforcement and Security Instructor 

Anthony Costanzo, a Law Enforcement and Security Professional, is a native to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with over 30 years of combined Law Enforcement and security experience.  Anthony has worked in most aspects of Law Enforcement and the security industry.

He provided High Threat protection assistance to the FDLE with Governor Jeb Bush and state officials in the state of Florida. He currently provides executive protection to CEO’S, professional business people, celebrities and a high-ranking member of the Royal Saudi Arabian family. Also included were sports figures and music entertainers. He has worked the Planned Parenthood Summit in Snowbird, Utah for top figures in that industry.

Anthony was a tactical operator and undercover narcotics Detective. He conducted many long-term investigations resulting in search and arrest warrants. Anthony conducted numerous surveillance and counter surveillance operations with DEA, ATF, FBI and local agencies to include Homeland Security.

Anthony ‘s Certifications include POST certification in the State of California and FDLE certification in the State of Florida. He also carries certifications in Narcotics Identification 1,2, he attended DEA school, Officers survival school, Interview and interrogation, Hostage Negotiation, Defensive Driving, PIT certified, Tactics and Covert Crisis Entry, Building Searches, Search Warrants, Crime and Intelligence, Security and Emergency response, P.O.S.T. certified in Advanced Dignitary and Celebrity close protection. Anthony is also an NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor.